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The code for this one is copied from the main site pages

This one uses the code SC sent

but doesnt seem to present anything?


<div data-calendar-key="83BD1D487CC05E14DA1CA9FA4336DDAF243FCBA602F8F2955FD26540E92D6FD152B31E515C80F202F83B888C70F52CA189915BF4BF529918" data-calendar-property-id="600720" data-calendar-widescreen-months="1" data-calenda-domain="" data-calendar-booking-domain="" data-calendar-api-domain=""> Your widget will appear here.</div> <script src=""></script>


<div data-calendar-key="7F011789832E13B2617E31699EFA5EC22E4B453F898D14C7F769BE14819F6605633789CC2AF6F0B969D403596663E9B2B6EE8FFAF9004C3A" data-calendar-property-id="582147" data-calendar-departure-picker="true"> Your widget will appear here. </div> <script src=""></script>

It works ok here on IOS, because its not in the dynamic container that I need on the main pages.

Below this, is a container, like that on the main pages, with calendar code embedded from CMS

The code within it is the same as the one at the top of the page, which doesn't show properly on IOS until its refreshed. On the main pages anyway. For some reason, it doesn't even do that here?

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